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Infinitely scalable infrastructure finally makes decentralized social real

Previous blockchain platforms couldn’t scale to keep up with user growth. But now, Howdoo’s unique, infinitely scalable infrastructure will mean developers can finally create their game-changing dApps. This high-availability, truly decentralized platform will give content creators the power to live stream, provide intelligent content delivery, and manage secure token issuance.

Designed for Content Creators

Want to know how the Howdoo ecosystem opens up new opportunities for its users?

    • Which means I want to raise my profile and earn some side income while a music student at the university. The good news is that I’ve already recorded my first EP through SolidART, and with Howdoo I now have an artist page on where people can see who I am, purchase my music, and help get my name out there.
    • My online fans can also find out about where I’m playing via my schedule on the page and come down to say hi. Either that or they can watch the live stream I’ve set up through Howdoo to reach a global audience from the local bar I play weekends.
    • What’s more, if they like what they hear I can get tipped in µDoo tokens, and get real-time feedback during each performance. And as my fan base grows gig by gig so do the number of µDoos I earn – which in turn helps pay for my next studio session with SolidART. All in all, I’m now beginning to finally get a reward for all my hard efforts.
    • I run a local gaming competition most weekends, and we use Howdoo to coordinate who’s doing what, to share the schedule, and to dish out the all-important prizes. It’s also allowed us to go global, and we now have competitors from all over the world facing off each week.
    • With Howdoo we can build a prize fund in µDoo tokens by sharing ad revenue with our channel advertising gaming deals and content to other interested gamers. The network Howdoo also connects us to new sponsors, and through them some great promotions and offers.
    • Our prize pots are growing and our competitions are now being beamed to all corners of the globe. Howdoo gives us a shop window to new audiences, new friends, and allows us to seamlessly generate a prize fund – and to pay this easily and securely to our winners.
    • I love the outdoors and use Howdoo as the platform for sharing details of all my adventures with friends and family. I can post photos of where I’ve been, and have even started making personal suggestions for routes and locations – alongside a number of equipment reviews.
    • My stories are personal and I recommend lots of amazing places for my friends to visit. By allowing in adverts we’re also seeing offers and products based on what we’re actually interested in. It’s also turned me into a bit of a nano-influencer by connecting me to relevant brands and their promotions, and through this to a steady stream of µDoo tokens.
    • I like to use my µDoos to tip local businesses that have really made my trips special. It’s a little thank you from me and helps make sure that a great business and outstanding customer service gets rewarded – whilst also helping me share value within this online community.
    • I have family and friends in different countries so it can be difficult for us to all stay in touch. Social networks are a great way for us to ‘share and care’, but equally I value my privacy. Unlike traditional social platforms, Howdoo allows me to go ‘stealth’, which means I can stay in touch with everyone without losing control of my private data and having this used for unsolicited advertising.
    • I may change my mind about sharing personal data once I feel more comfortable, so it’s great to have that option if I chose. The most important thing however is to have a way to keep updated with those I care about, without having to give up my digital footprint. Plus, I can set up a private channel just for the family, where only those I invite get to join in. This is what I get from Howdoo, as well as the confidence that connecting people comes before profit or the dilution of my rights – and that’s special to me.
    • I love drawing and it’s now my main living. Looking after two kids during the day also meant I needed a job that was not only flexible but something I enjoyed. Howdoo has enabled me to show my artwork to the world and given me a channel to talk about it with like-minded users.
    • People who love my artwork can buy prints in µDoos so it’s really easy to earn a living. I’ve even started hosting pen-drawing lessons online, where aspiring artists tip me in µDoos to join in as I draw. That helps improve their overall skills while letting me get to know a great audience of budding Picassos!
    • This is Howdoo in a nutshell: it allows me to make a living from my passion; connects me directly with amazing people from all over the world, and lets us develop a community that’s based on improving our skills together – in an easy and convenient manner.
    • I talk with various guests on topics relating to alternate news and then turn these interviews into regular weekly shows – for a growing international audience.
    • With Howdoo I can do this and offer a different take on events from the mainstream media – without the fear of being censored or taken off the air. The only judgment I face comes in the form of audience ratings, and the proof of contribution score this helps create.
    • The podcast is also far easier to monetize than on the previous channels I’ve used which forced me to adopt a subscriber model. Now I get a far healthier percentage of ad revenues and audience tips for a good show. I can also track where and when my content appears on other social channels, which in turn helps me put a value against my influence.
    • The brand I promote belongs to an established retailer. Before we moved to Howdoo our social engagement stats were dropping across the board – particularly with younger shoppers. Now I know that every ad is only seen by users incentivized to get involved.
    • This is massive for our brand values and even bigger for the returns we’re now getting from our campaigns. Plus, with the ledger provided by the blockchain, we can also work to ensure our materials don’t appear alongside other ads that could damage us by association.
    • Lastly, Howdoo has also served to open up influencer marketing to us by making it easier and cheaper to get our promotions out in front of micro-influencers and to reward them in µDoos for their efforts – as well as the communities they belong to.

A Self-Sustaining Economic Model

Powered by µDoo Cryptotokens

Implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, µDoo will be the vehicle for transferring value across the entire Howdoo network. Participants holding µDoos can operate SuperNodes and Virtual Nodes.  Read the economic whitepaper or purchase tokens to qualify for Node status.


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