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Howdoo Announces

10% of our Gross Advertising Revenue will be shared with µDoo holders – paid in BTC!

8th October 2019

In a digital world where decentralisation is the future, Howdoo’s philosophy on social media & content delivery puts fair, transparent rewards for the people that use it at the core of the new economy. With content creators on Howdoo set to receive min of 60% of the ad revenue their channels generate, and with users also being rewarded for their engagement and for sharing personal data, today Howdoo is excited to announce that 10% of all the gross ad revenue generated on the Howdoo platform, will be shared by qualifying µDoo holders.

This scheme is open to all Howdoo users who stake a minimum of 1000 µDoos*. Super node and seed node holders will qualify for the scheme automatically.

The scheme will begin as ad revenue generation commences on the Howdoo platform, currently scheduled for Q2 2020**, and payments will be made pro-rata in Bitcoin on a quarterly basis.

At present, Howdoo is conservatively estimating an ARPU (annual revenue per user) of $5. But with our opt-in model that means users receiving advertising and sharing personal data have voluntarily consented to and are incentivised to share more, we’re confident that our ARPU can grow to a significantly higher level.

As an example of this scheme’s earnings potential, should Howdoo achieve 50million users and a $25 ARPU (the current ARPU of Facebook***), a Howdoo super node holder staking 1.25million µDoos would be paid over $1million of Bitcoin per annum. This table illustrates the various projections, depending on Howdoo user base, ARPU and the number of µDoos you stake:

Jason Sibley, Howdoo’s Chief Marketing Officer: “Our offer is yet another element of the massive utility that we’re building around the µDoo. As we grow, and bring on more users and creators, the utility of the µDoos increases thus resulting in greater network value. If you want to get involved, join today”

If you’d like to learn more about the value of holding a µDoo, watch our handy Howdoo Minute video where Jason explains all.

To put our estimations into context, here is latest stats on active users for each social media platform from Statista. These stats are the latest, as of July 2019.

1. Facebook / 2,375 billion monthly users
2. YouTube / 2,000 billion monthly active users
3. WhatsApp / 1,600 billion monthly active users
4. Facebook Messenger / 1,300 billion monthly active users
5. WeChat / 1,112 billion monthly active users
6. Instagram / 1,000 billion monthly active users
9. Tik Tok / 500 million monthly active users
10. Reddit / 330 million monthly active users
11. Twitter / 330 million monthly active users
12. LinkedIn / 310 million monthly active users
13. Snapchat / 294 million monthly active users
14. Pinterest / 265 million monthly active users

µDoo’s are available on MXC, Cointiger, Exmarkets and Idex exchanges. Click HERE for links.

*Staking details will be released soon.

**Disclaimer – This is not investing advice, and these numbers are for illustrative purposes, but are based on our best estimates.

*** Facebooks ARPU history LINK