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Don’t you think it’s time for a fairer, clearer social media experience where you’re in control? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Howdoo.

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Whatever your favourite interests, whoever your favourite influencers: Howdoo is where it’s at. Connect with high-quality content and explore new feeds on the things that matter to you.

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Howdoo combines every type of content: streams, posts, messaging, image and video sharing, blogs, community interaction and eShops. Want a total social experience? You got it.

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earn with us?

Our token, the µDoo, is used for every financial transaction on Howdoo. From paywall content to advertising, and even passive income generated through likes and shares, it’s the µDoo that makes our world go round.

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Turning µDoos into hard cash couldn’t be easier. With our in-app wallet, you can easily buy, sell and exchange µDoos with your home currency, and you’ll soon be able to withdraw your earnings directly with a debit card.

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You’ll earn µDoos for every single like, comment and share you receive on Howdoo. Adjust the levels to get an idea of how much your content could generate.

* Figures are estimated, value of µDoos compared to fiat currency may vary.


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The more you engage on Howdoo, the higher you’ll rank on the social stack and boost your µDoo rewards.

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What our users
say about us

Hi, I’m Ben Ofoedu, originally from the band Phats & Small; and I’m looking forward to having my profile set up on Howdoo so I can post exclusive content. I’m looking forward to our one-on-one!

Ben Ofoedu

I’m really excited about Howdoo, it’s based on blockchain technology. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on the Howdoo network and hope you get a chance to check out my new music, see you soon!

Mark Hill

I’m looking forward to having my own Howdoo profile where not only do I own my content, I’ll be able to monetise it my own way.


The evolution of Social Media is here and it’s called Howdoo where artists like you and me can put own content online and really make money from it!


We’re looking forward to having our own Howdoo so that we can get closer to our fans, own our own content and set our own marketing models.

East 17

I love Howdoo because it’s a totally new type of social media. Not only is its safe for me and my privacy but also for my supporters too! I like to be different with my style and music, and really believe Howdoo is a perfect match!

Liberty Grant

I can’t wait to launch my Howdoo channels! I can finally streamline all my different products and projects under one profile whilst safe in the knowledge my content is protected along with my followers!


As an artist, I am excited that Howdoo gives me different avenues to express and reward my creativity while keeping my personal information private.


I like that all the content I release on Howdoo remains under my control and I’m excited to see how Howdoo will reshape the music and social media scene!

6th Street Music

I am so excited to be part of the Howdoo community! Having a solid support system online is just as valuable as your support system offline… especially in today’s society.

Liz Bezler

Howdoo drew me in with the power it gives artists.

Malcolm Favour

While others are deplatforming accounts, Howdoo has a fresh approach and I love that it allows me to be me. If you’re interested in what I do then you will get to follow it without missing out.

Debay Miles


A new platform means new innovations and exciting developments all the time. Catch up with the latest here.

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