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General Questions

What is Howdoo?

A smarter, fairer and more rewarding messaging and social media platform that puts you in control.

How does it give me more control?

The user or content creator controls what (if any) data they share and how to manage their channels.

How can Howdoo reward me?

Users and content creators can gain from a unique monetization model, including passive income, tips, subscriptions, paywalls and a share of advertising revenue.

How can I get paid?

Howdoo uses a cryptographic token called the μDoo as the vehicle for transferring value between users, advertisers and operators of the Howdoo platform. This is the currency of Howdoo, and you can exchange μDoos for your local currency, or for another digital asset such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Why should I join Howdoo?

It’s feature-rich: Howdoo combines the best elements of platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitch, while also incorporating ground-breaking features that give users total control and a fair rewards model.

We empower our users: on Howdoo, you possess your own data in a blockchain smart contract. You can control what (if any) data is available to advertisers, and receive rewards when your data is utilised.

It rewards content creators fairly: with the freedom to set their own business model, from subscriptions and paywalls to allowing advertising or focusing on tips, content creators are in control. They can even earn passive rewards for likes and shares.

About Howdoo

Can you give me a short overview of Howdoo?

The way we consume content is changing! No longer is it a scripted episode or a peak-time TV show – it’s live stories, streams, videos and more awesome content online. And today, anyone and everyone can be a content creator.

The problem is that current social media platforms weren’t built for this new media landscape. And by offering either a ‘pay to promote’ model, or high fees due to their infrastructure, they aren’t built for the associated new economy, either.

This is where Howdoo comes in, as an all-in-one social media and content delivery platform, built on the Blockchain to give users and creators more control.

What is the 'blockchain'?

The blockchain is a system in which a record of transactions made in a cryptocurrency is maintained across a peer-to-peer network of several computers. Essentially, the computing and transaction records are decentralised, increasing the security of the data. What the Internet did for the speed of communications, the blockchain will do for the democratisation of data and speed of money.

Why use the 'blockchain' for Howdoo?

Using the blockchain means Howdoo is secure, transaction-free and trustless, allowing you to own your own data. It also increases our business efficiency and lowers our overheads, therefore enabling us to increase our revenue offering to content creators.

How can I earn money on Howdoo?

If you’re a content creator, you receive 100% of tips (instantly and transaction-free), 95% of subscription and one-off payment revenue, and a 60% share of the advertising revenue generated by your channel.

If you’re a user, you can earn for your engagement through earning likes and comments on posts, or from consenting to receiving advertising on the Howdoo app.

All payments are made in µDoos into each user or content creator’s crypto-wallet within the Howdoo app, but can easily be converted into local currency (see ‘About the µDoo’ section).

What are social stacks?

Social stacks provide users with a score for completing a number of actions. These can be from watching a user’s stream, liking a post, posting from a persona and so on. Social stacks represent a level of gamification that encourages users to engage with the platform consistently but also reward them for their hard work.

About the μDoo (our Token)

What is the µDoo?

The µDoo (pronounced ‘you do’) is the crypto-token which is used for all transactions on Howdoo, from subscriptions and content purchasing to tipping and advertising. Using the µDoo allows us to offer passive income on engaging content, transaction-free tipping, and the ability for us to share advertising revenue with users and content creators.

How do I access and spend my µDoos?

Every account on Howdoo comes with a crypto-wallet, integrated into the Howdoo app, where µDoos are stored. From there, users and content creators can check their balance or convert µDoos into their local currency.

In a first for social media, every user and content creator is also eligible to apply for a Howdoo debit card. This will allow you to use your earned µDoos, converted into your local currency, in your day-to-day life through card purchases or cash withdrawals from ATMs.

How many µDoos exist?

There is a finite supply of 888,888,888 µDoos in existence, although µDoos don’t have to be bought, sold and traded in whole numbers: they can be split into decimals, too.

Where can I buy μDoos?

Once Howdoo is fully launched, you will be able to buy µDoos within the Howdoo app, directly into your crypto-wallet. Until then, µDoos are available on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges – click here to find the most up-to-date list.

What gives the μDoo utility?

As the currency of every transaction within Howdoo, the µDoo’s utility is built upon five key areas:
(1) User earnings – where µDoos reflect the participation of individual users and their share of all advertising rebates.
(2) Content creator earnings – where µDoos are the mechanism for receiving tips, paywall, subscription and advertising revenue.
(3) Advertising currency – advertisers will be required to purchase µDoos for funding campaign activity.
(4) Network seller empowerment – µDoos give sellers a form of value exchange to stimulate activity in eShops on Howdoo.
(5) Network operator rewards – µDoos will be earned by providing technical and financial services to the network’s users.

Earning with Howdoo

How do I receive tips?

Every single post on Howdoo can be tipped. If a user wants to tip one of your posts, they click on the µDoo icon and select how many µDoos they’d like to tip you. The tip amount is immediately transferred into your crypto-wallet, without any deductions or transaction fees being applied.

How do I charge for content?

When you create a post on your profile or channel, you can select the ‘paywall’ option. You can then create a preview of the content you are offering and can set the price users pay to access it. When a user makes the payment, you receive 95% of the total in your crypto-wallet immediately. The remaining 5% is retained by Howdoo as a transaction fee.

How do users access content after they’ve paid for it?

Within the app, every user has their own Content Locker, where all their paid-for content is stored.

How do I set up a subscription channel?

This feature is currently under development. Details will be released in due course.

How do passive income and advertising revenue payments work?

If you operate a channel, you also qualify for passive income and a share of the revenue generated by any advertising on your channel. For passive income, we have a maximum allocation of 100,000 µDoos per day, distributed to creators with the most engagement on their content. For advertising revenue, every content creator receives 60% of all revenue generated by their channel.