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Our BIG news. US regulated banking integration.

Going to propel Howdoo to the mainstream.

24th October 2019

Thank you for checking in. The two biggest challenges facing blockchain projects is the real-world seamless integration of the technology and user adoption. In this stream we cover how we’re going to solve both of these with Howdoo, and how it will propel us into the mass market in 2020. If you missed our live steam, a replay and full summary is available below.

Jason CMO Howdoo Intro

This is going to disrupt the social media and crypto market.

Users are on the lookout for a new home (for many reasons explained in the video.

We’re an innovative content delivery platform wrapped with Social Media wrapper.

We’re fair and rewarding

  • Creators get 100% tips, 95% subscriptions and paid content and 60%+ Ad revenue.
  • Users (if they allow it) get a share of the ad revenue – they are in control
  • uDoo holders get great utility, 10% gross ad revenue share and a highly rewarding node programme.

We’re also running a holders competition to win a Lamborghini Evo (more here –> )

Meet India Reynolds – Model, Influencer and Love Island star

India sets the scene for why she left Facebook and focussed more in Instagram.

Explains how she cannot monetise her 1m+ following on instagram and she’s too late for Youtube.

Been looking for somewhere to put out content on her passion of veganism.

Howdoo is the perfect platform for her to build an audience, provide her content and earn enough to support her activities.

Back to Jason 

So Howdoo is coming into a social media landscape that has always evolved, Facebook is 16 years old now, and we think it’s time for a change. The full launch of Howdoo is just a few months away, and India is just one of a huge number of influencers, brands and organisations already signed up to join us right from the start.

Graham Long, Director of Huawei

Graham talks about how they are excited to take innovative platforms like Howdoo to their 500m world wide user base, and with HarmonyOS not just on phones and tablets but to TV’s as well.

David Brierley – CEO Howdoo Big Announcement

Most tokenised content sites are mostly replicating existing platforms and just adding a token, and because buying and sell out of crypto to fiat currency is complicated, they struggle to go mass market.

To address this we have signed an exclusive agreement with a US regulated bank, to give all Howdoo users (as long as they pass KYC) full banking services. You will have a bank account connected to your social platform and your Howdoo wallet. At any time, with no fee’s you can cash out or buy in using these banking services. You will have a Howdoo visa card for ease of spending and cash point withdrawal, and access to full backing services. This provides a in-built on and off ramp for crypto.

We are even adding a ‘physical world’ bridge in the wallet to allow artists and influencers to receive tips directly into their wallet through the scanning of QR code, essentially fans can pay/tip using apple/google pay with them needing to have a Howdoo account.

But more than that we want to become the largest wallet in the crypto world. So with this aim we will be adding other crypto currencies into our wallet. On launch (late Jan) we will launch with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance coin (BNB), Fantom (FTM), Elrond (ERD), V-ID (VIDT), Fusion Protocol (FSN) and LTO Network (LTO).

Any token in our wallet will be able to use our on and off ramp, but they will use our native token for conversion – adding more utility to the UDOO.

Jordan from That Martini Guy then interviews wallet integration partners on who they are and why they are excited to work with Howdoo.

  • Rick Schmitz from LTO Network, securing automated compliance on the blockchain.
  • Michael Chen, CMO Fantom Foundation.
  • John Liu from Fusion Protocol, a nonprofit developer of an open-sourced blockchain protocol to drive the Internet of Value (IoV). The Fusion protocol empowers next generation interoperable architecture with the ability to express and monetize digital asset ownership over time.
  • Marnix Van Den Bergfrom V-ID, who aim to corner the markets in document authentication and verification

Back to Jason for a wrap up

As you’ve heard, existing social media platforms are built to do lots of things, but one thing they aren’t built for is distributing funds to their creators and users. At the same time, so many blockchain projects in the crypto world have tried to bring their tokens into the mainstream, and failed because buying and selling between fiat currency and crypto is so complicated.

Today, we’re announcing that we will solve both of these issues by delivering a premium social experience with an embedded, integrated Howdoo Wallet. This wallet is what will propel Howdoo into the social media mainstream, and bring tokenisation to the mass market in a way that’s never previously been achieved.

So in summary how will this work? Well, every single transaction on Howdoo – whether it’s tipping content creators for great videos, buying advertising space or earning rewards – is made using our crypto token, the uDoo. It’s the currency dedicated to our system, a bit like V-Bucks are in Fortnite.

The problem is the how the value of the uDoo is realised in the fiat currencies that you and I use in our daily lives. The solution, we have revealed today, is that our wallet we will give a combined uDoo and fiat bank account, and a connected Visa debit card, to every Howdoo user that meets compliance requirements, through our exclusive deal with a US-regulated bank to enable what is a world first for crypto – and for social media.

Huge thanks to India and the rest of our contributors today. Please feel free to join our telegram channel, links below and of course subscribe to our youtube channel for more updates as we get closer to full launch.

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  • 内容创建者可以获得100%的打赏,95%的付费墙和订阅收入,以及至少60%的广告收入。
  • 用户(如果他们允许)可以分享一部分广告收益-他们自由掌控
  • uDoo持有者将获得巨大的实用性,10%的广告总收入份额以及一个非常有价值的节点计划。

我们还举办了一个持有者的竞赛,有人将会开走一辆全新的兰博基尼Evo(查看更多内容–> )


India Reynolds – 模特、网红达人和Love Island明星











Graham Long, 华为高管


Graham谈到了他们是兴奋地将像Howdoo这样的创新平台带到他们遍布全球的5亿用户群中,并将鸿蒙系统Harmony OS不只带到手机和平板电脑上,也将带到电视上。


David Brierley – CEO Howdoo 重大公告



为了解决这个问题,我们与一家受美国监管的银行签署了排他协议,为所有Howdoo用户(只要他们通过KYC)提供全面的银行服务。你将拥有一个与社交平台和Howdoo钱包相连的银行账户。在任何时候,你可以通过这些银行服务免费体现或进行购买。您将有一个Howdoo visa卡,方便消费和支取现金,并获得全面的支持服务。这为加密市场提供了一个内建的上、下坡道。

我们甚至在钱包里添加了一个“实体世界”的桥梁,让艺术家和有影响力的人通过扫描二维码直接收到小费,粉丝可以使用Apple/Google pay支付或打赏,他们仅需要有一个Howdoo账户。

但更重要的是,我们想成为加密世界最大的钱包。因此,为了实现这一目标,我们将把其他加密货币加入到我们的钱包中。1月下旬,我们将推出比特币(BTC)、Ethereum (ETH)、Binance coin (BNB)、Fantom (FTM)、Elrond (ERD)、V-ID (VIDT)、Fusion Protocol(FSN)和LTONetwork(LTO)。



Jordan -That Martini Guy 采访了钱包集成合作伙伴,了解他们是谁,以及为什么他们对与Howdoo合作感到兴奋。


  • Rick Schmitz来自 LTO Network, 确保区块链上的自动遵从性。
  • Michael Chen Fantom Foundation的首席营销官
  • John Liu来自Fusion Protocol一个开源的区块链协议的非盈利开发者来驱动价值互联网(IoV)。融合协议增强了下一代互操作架构的能力,使数字资产所有权能够随着时间的推移得到表达和货币化。
  • Marnix Van Den Berg来自V-ID他打算垄断文件认证和验证市场