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Howdoo becomes a Unicorn!

The UDOO has been selected for the Cointiger Unicorn Booster Scheme.

26th September 2019

Howdoo’s growing status in the crypto world has gained major recognition with the adoption of its token, the uDoo, onto the Cointiger Unicorn Booster Scheme.

The Unicorn Booster Scheme is a $15million fund created jointly by crypto exchange CoinTiger and Ticker Capital, and used to support up-and-coming blockchain projects. Created in July 2019, it targets high-quality projects that offer long-term potential for growth.

The fund regularly reviews its holdings in various projects and has now placed a significant investment into the µDoo. Its choice of projects is based on market liquidity, community dynamics, major technical breakthroughs and business ecosystem expansion, all areas in which Howdoo has succeeded over the course of its development.

This major endorsement of the uDoo demonstrates its potential to investors around the world, and of the confidence held in the uDoo as a cryptocurrency with genuine utility on the Howdoo platform. The uDoo is the token used for every transaction on Howdoo, from content access and subscriptions to advertising and tipping. Over the coming months as Howdoo expands its user base, demand for uDoos (of which there is a finite supply) will increase.

Jason Sibley, Howdoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We’re really proud that Howdoo has been hand-picked to be part of the Unicorn Booster Scheme. It’s another example of how the utility of the uDoo is turning heads throughout the crypto world and beyond, and we very much look forward to CoinTiger and Ticker Capital sharing in our success in the months to come.”

If you’d like to trade uDoos, you can do so on CoinTiger with Ethereum and the recently-launched USDT pair. To learn more about the Howdoo platform, take a look at our Orange Paper.