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Howdoo + IBM Update

Earlier in the year, IBM announced it's support of Howdoo, now we're returning the compliment!

26th September 2019

At Howdoo, we are excited to have IBM content in our platform and have them as a launch supporter (read here), but we were also keen to explore more opportunities to work with IBM, especially on how we could utilise their technology and experience to help us launch. So here is an update on how the relationship has developed so far.

Howdoo using IBM Watson Personality Insights

In building our marketing strategy, gaining an understanding of our customer is incredibly important. We have four very complicated marketing segments, users, creators, advertisers and the crypto community. Using social listening, and follower analytics (supported by our marketing partner Creation Agency) combined with IBM Watson Personality Insights we are able to gain a deep understanding of the drivers and motivators of each target market.

There is an example image below, but if you’d like to see an example of our Q3 audience analysis for the Crypto market – here is access to our complete research presentation


IBM Cloud

As a born-in-the-blockchain company, a well provisioned, secure and flexible Cloud environment is of paramount importance.

The CEO of Howdoo, David Brierley said, “We tested multiple environments but we felt IBM Cloud gave us the highest performing cloud infrastructure available for Howdoo”.

From our front end website to our back end Cloud container service, IBM is the ideal partner to work with as they can provide a flexible and global infrastructure.

If you want to explore the IBM Cloud platform, they are currently offering $12,000 of free credits to allow you to test the environments. You can learn more about the offer HERE.

Next Steps with IBM Technologies – AI and Supernodes. 

On top of Watson Personality Insights and IBM Cloud, we are also exploring AI Chat assistant (details here), and perhaps, more importantly, we are conversation with the IBM Global team about creating a ‘service’ for our Supernode holders. In early 2020 as we roll out the decentralisation of Howdoo, our selected Supernode holders will be required to provide computing power to our Blockchain.

We want to support our Supernode holders with a global IT services option that can cover on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid-cloud options, and IBM is the perfect partner.

We open our Supernode applications soon, so for updates please either join our Telegram announcements channel – – or email us at [email protected]

Next Steps for Howdoo – IBM Channels and Partners 

As a Launch Supporter, IBM joined a team of established tech giants including HP Gaming, Huawei, Mitel, and an array of stars, gamers, and leading influencers as we launch in early 2020.

As mentioned in this article (read here) IBM are fully testing the site in the beta stage and will be building channels of content for the full launch. “We are excited to be building a community on Howdoo, and providing value through content, engagement and offers, and will also investigate how to utilise the platform to reach new potential customers using their unique user-controlled opt-in advertising model.”

Gabriela Salzano, IBM’s NextGen Tech Services Provider Marketing Leader, says “We’re excited to be working with innovative companies like Howdoo, and to support them with accelerating their ambitions,” she said. “we also look forward to welcoming solutions providers and all kinds of IT companies to our new Howdoo channel”.

As a part of expanding our content in the tech space, through an introduction made by IBM, we’ve also started to work with a Global Influencer Marketing collective called TIM (The Influencer Marketeers).

The TIM network has over 20 global tech influencers who all use a mix of channels, youtube, medium, twitter and Linkedin Pulse, and we look forward to working with them to set up their Howdoo channels (more on this at a later date).

If you are reading this and would like to start working closer with IBM or explore their full offerings, a great place to start would be The MSP Hub. –