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Howdoo Update

We've been quiet, here's why!

15th July 2020

Why has there been no news for a while? Well…we’ve been busy.

We made the decision to withdraw from making public statements until we had something BIG to say. We had a successful test of our Howdoo Beta, and that taught us a lot, but it also showed us how much work we had to do to realise our vision.

Based on this we took the decision to focus 100% of our time and resources to bring the application we all wanted to life, and get it right, first time.

We’ve actually been working on three things in parallel.

We’ve completed the build and testing of our Blockchain, we’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up, and we’ve been recruiting more launch supporters.

Let’s start with our Blockchain.

It has always been our plan to launch on our own blockchain. For ease of token usage, our Beta was built partially on our own blockchain, with a bridge to Ethereum for the wallet integration. Technically this works, but the speed limitations and transaction fee’s of Ethereum means it’s neither user friendly or cost-effective. As we know, this is the age of user experience so we needed to launch 100% on our Blockchain environment.

We are very pleased to announce that we hit our development milestones and the development work on our Blockchain is completed and deployed.

So for launch, we have a brand new wallet and blockchain solution, built from the ground up to support the full features required from our content-driven social media network.

We can confirm today that we will launch with a centralised blockchain, and then start to roll out our Nodes including SuperNodes which will move us to a higher-performing and greatly decentralised model.

So we’re fast. In our controlled environment we’ve clocked up to 1 million TPS, but for us, it’s the user experience that is the most important factor (users don’t buy stats) and this is what we’re focussing on.

And we’re transaction free. The move away from Ethereum means that we can offer a friction-less, trust-less and fee-less payment system, where 100% of the tips or donations goes straight to the creator of the content.

To the App

The market has moved significantly over the last year, and the game has changed.

Short-form video, music integration, streaming and augmented reality is now the norm, so we’ve rebuilt the platform to retain all the features that everyone loved in the beta and more (photos, videos, streaming, blogs and podcasting) and to incorporate all the new features that users have been experiencing, from Snapchat with it’s AR on photos and video to TikTok with short videos featuring music from your mobile.

Now factor onto these features the ability to tip, donate, pay for content and subscribe, and we have a world-beating platform.

One of the areas that the team has worked on the most post-beta, has been videos and streams.

So we launch with not only full picture-in-picture on streams, video on demand, and a whole new video and discover interface but we also have improved areas such as embedding a professional video editing suite into the app, which renders in the cloud to save creators having to edit in separate applications and upload, we automatically pick preview images for posts and use our AI to create editable video showreels. Bringing a Netflix experience to user-created video content, and all designed with creators in mind for maximum efficiency.

Also from a payment perspective, you can allow a preview % to be viewed before requesting payment to watch more.

The streaming app is completely new, and we’ve taken a lot of feedback from our streaming launch supporters. One new feature is the ability to schedule streams, setting up beforehand, and saving them to drafts. This means you can start to promote the stream time and perma-link, and just need to click start when the time is right, you can literally schedule a whole week’s streams in one go, then focus on promotion. We also added the ability to tag creators in the streams to widen your promotional reach.

And last but not least, our important launch supporters

The whole team has been working hard, not only getting feedback from our existing supporters but also finding new ones. We’re pleased to announce we have now expanded our creators for launch, and the collective following of these launch supporters exceeds 350m users, and while we’re not expecting them all to rush to join us, we do expect multi-millions – and that’s a great base for us to launch from.

We have a lot more to tell you, but we’d rather just let you see for yourself.

The good news is that we will be lifting our launch supporter embargo on 27th July, and from that point they will be able to share their experience of using the platform across their existing social channels. We’ll also share some of our favourite content too.

At this point we will also open up for other creators to request pre-launch access, in the build-up to our full launch. We hope you all understand that we need to launch with lots of quality content to welcome new users exploring the app.

Once the embargo is lifted we will also start to share our full launch plans, including live events, to enable us to successfully grow and meet our launch targets.

Creators and the team are pumped, and we believe the market is ready. Our time is now. We hope you’ll join us.