Howdoo LaunchPad: Point Blanc of Social dApp Offerings

The point of genesis for a horde of decentralized projects looking to become a part of the Howdoo Blockchain ecosystem.

Chris Waton
10th March 2021

The Howdoo LaunchPad is the point of genesis for a horde of decentralized projects looking to become a part of the Howdoo Blockchain ecosystem and help bring distributed social experience to the world. The Howdoo LaunchPad will be a crypto crowd-funding platform giving early believers a chance to purchase start-up tokens at a discount through the Initial Dex Offering.

An Initial Dex Offering or an IDO is the initial offering of tokens that are conducted and controlled by the underlying Decentralized Exchange Protocol. Ethereum and other funds received from the contributors are vested, managed, and made available to the project gradually by the Smart Contract in order to prevent rug-pulling and exit scams. A well-functioning LaunchPad protocol creates a safe and trustless crypto fundraising environment.

Rug-pullingan event when the project owner (usually) takes contributed funds and disappears. The term also applies when a third party finds a vulnerability in the smart contract, exploits it, and embezzles the assets in it.

Howdoo will use a hands-on approach to guide promising start-ups regarding the best course of market penetration, help build tailored token models based on the project’s needs and create audited Smart Contracts to support the development. Each project will be diligently vetted and will have to meet rigorous requirements to gain access to the HowdooSwap and other exclusive Howdoo Blockchain accelerator services.

LaunchPad Requirements for Projects

  • Projects are required to deposit the full token sale supply to the LaunchPad Token Generation Event (TGE) prior to making any announcements or marketing efforts.
  • Pre-sale tokens will be transferred to a secured Howdoo LaunchPad wallet for safekeeping.
  • Applicant Smart Contracts will be audited by a third-party cybersecurity partner which will provide audit reports to the Howdoo team.
  • After a successful audit, locked depositories for ETH and project tokens will be created which will be used to provide liquidity to the HowdooSwap listing.
  • When all of the above is done, Howdoo will grant the applicant project a ‘Pre-sale Certificate’, will publish the audit, and lock project tokens for the IDO.

Pre-Sale Funding

uDOO holders participating in Farming or Staking initiatives for a period of at least 10 days will be automatically whitelisted for the pre-sale events on the Howdoo LaunchPad. There will also be a seniority clause rewarding users not only based on the amount of uDOO they have staked or put into farming, but also on the length of participation.

E.g. If a user wants to purchase 1 uDOO token’s value in USD of a LaunchPad’s project tokens, he or she must stake 1 uDOO token for a minimum of 10 days. The longer the uDOOs are staked, the more of the LaunchPad’s tokens the staker can purchase. See the table below.

Howdoo will provide an end-to-end turnkey fundraising solution for up-and-coming crypto startups which is often the most essential part of successful project development – securing early-stage funding. The Howdoo LaunchPad protocol will create locked smart contracts for the HowdooSwap and will fund the public sale on the Decentralized Exchange.

LaunchPad Fee Collection and Management

1% of project native token sale supply on the Howdoo LaunchPad will be retained by Governance token holders and will each have the ability to choose between two options – a 12-month lock, or a 3-month lock-in the HowdooSwap liquidity contract. 

Extra Node Benefits and Governance Tokens

Node holders will be the ones ensuring the proper function of the Howdoo Ecosystem, therefore their compensation needs to be adequate too. Currently, Supernodes get 30% APY while Seed nodes enjoy 12% APY for the infrastructure upkeep. Moreover, Node holders receive a 10% ad revenue share from the Hyprr platform and enjoy additional HowdooSwap-related incentives: 30% of the 0.05% transaction fee, retained by Howdoo Ecosystem, from each trade that happens on HowdooSwap, as well as 10% advertising revenue generated by the HowdooSwap platform.

Node holders will also share 15% of the 5% LaunchPad fee, which will be used to buy back uDOOs from the marketplace and distributed among node payouts at the end of every quarter.

On the Governance side, node holders will receive 50% of the Howdoo Governance total token supply with all of the duties and benefits they represent. The allocation will not cost anything to node holders and will be airdropped over time. Our previous article, introducing the HowdooSwap, revealed that Governance token holders will receive 15% of the advertising revenue from the HowdooSwap platform, paid out monthly in USDT. 

With the LaunchPad, an additional 25% of the Howdoo Ecosystem retained LaunchPad fee (5%) will be split between the governance token holders on top of the 1% newly listed project’s tokensale supply on the Howdoo LaunchPad. We will reveal more information about the Howdoo Governance program in the following article.

To sum up, recently announced developments will pave the way for Howdoo’s transformation from a concentrated single application to a fully decentralized social ecosystem. In order to facilitate this transition, we are expanding the Howdoo node program and will confirm the new nodes (50 Super and 150 Seed) on the 1st of April. Therefore, we urge everyone who’s interested in the node rewards, and a share of the Governance token allocation for the node holders, to enter the queue (here) and secure your spot before it’s too late.

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