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New node application process

We are delighted to announce the launch of our SuperNodes, the third phase of our Seed Node roll-out, and a new Pool Node

9th October 2019

Howdoo is delighted to announce the launch of our SuperNodes, the third phase of our Seed Node roll-out, and a new Pool Node that allows those with smaller uDoo holdings to participate.

We’re looking for people around the world to host the nodes that will power our decentralised public blockchain, ready for the full launch of our revolutionary social media and content delivery platform early in 2020. Having already achieved full subscription the first two phases of our Seed Node recruitment programme, we are now launching the third phase, alongside sourcing the hosts of our biggest SuperNodes.

But we want to give more uDoo holders the opportunity to participate in our node programme. So today we are announcing a new form of node, called a Pool Node. These will be seed nodes split into pools with minimum pool stake of 1000 uDoos each and without any requirement to use your own computing power.

Get a quick summary of our node scheme in this video with our CMO Jason Sibley, then read on to get the full details and find out how to apply:


What are nodes?

Howdoo is a decentralized social platform that leverages its own blockchain to support a vibrant ecosystem. Our blockchain consensus mechanism is based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS). The benefits include fast block production times and high throughput while being transaction-free. It is designed such that the continuing operation of the Blockchain relies on representative delegates of SuperNodes and Seed Nodes that will be geographically dispersed around the world.

Why should I get a node?

Holders of every type of Howdoo node will be paid quarterly in uDoos, with attractive rates of allowing you to share in the growth and prosperity of the Howdoo platform. As an added bonus, by staking enough uDoos for any type of node, you also qualify for a share of the 10% of gross ad revenue that will be paid to token holders.

What’s more, this is a golden opportunity for you to be a core part of a project that will revolutionise social media and help bring decentralisation to the world at large.

What do I need to do to get a node?

To qualify for a node, you must meet certain criteria and technical requirements, as well as holding a certain amount of uDoos in your Howdoo wallet. These vary depending on the type of node (see below).

Once the Howdoo public blockchain is launched, all node operators will be required to download and connect to it for a required period of time. It will be your responsibility to ensure you meet all node operator requirements at all times, including maintaining the relevant minimum uDoo balance in your Howdoo wallet. If at any point your uDoo balance falls below the required level, you will not receive payment for that month, and your node position may be passed to the next applicant in the queue. 


  • Nodes available: 100
  • Maximum per person: On application
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 1,250,000 per node
  • Annual return: 30% (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Interested parties can receive more details about SuperNodes on application. You will have the option of self-hosting (based on our required specification) or working with one of our node hosting partners. Every application will be reviewed individually, and application is not a guarantee of success.

To register your interest in our SuperNodes, fill in the form below or email [email protected].

Seed Nodes (Phase Three)

  • Nodes available: 80
  • Maximum per wallet: 3
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 125,000 per node
  • Annual return: 15% to end of 2020, 12% thereafter (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Seed node holders only require a standard home PC specification – major hardware is not needed. Although seed node functionality is not required until the Howdoo public blockchain is released, we’re asking applicants to stake their uDoos now, with node payments commencing immediately. Once the blockchain is launched, your node must be connected for a minimum of 120 minutes every 24 hours.

To register your interest in our Seed Nodes, fill in the form below or email [email protected].

Pool Nodes

  • Nodes available: 200
  • Maximum per person: n/a
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 1,000 (125,000 per full node)
  • Annual return: 4%-12%, depending on referrals (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Unlike full seed nodes, Howdoo will provide the infrastructure for hosting the node through its carefully selected hosting partners. The annual return on a pool node is scalable based on referrals: someone you have recruited to sign up for a pool node through your referral link. The basic annual return of 4% will increase to 8% with five successful referrals and to 12% with ten successful referrals.

We will open up our application for a pool node next week. Join our announcement channel on Telegram to be one of the first to apply.

Want to know more about Howdoo?

To take a detailed look at why Howdoo is set to change the face of social media and content delivery, download our Orange Paper.