New pitch deck, Skrill and Huawei partnerships, and increased focus on marketing.

We are on a mission to elevate the Howdoo ecosystem to a whole new level.

Chris Waton
19th February 2021

You will have noticed the speed of change adopted at Howdoo. Our mission is to elevate the Howdoo ecosystem to a whole new level.

Below you can see the growth of monthly social media mentions for Howdoo and Hyprr. 2021 has already seen a lot of buzz, announcements and updates generated but we are not stopping and will keep the tempo up. This was only the start, so prepare yourselves for even more.

New pitch deck is out: what’s new?

DeFi features. We have incorporated information from the recently introduced uDOO staking and farming elements allowing token holders to earn a passive income. The staking contract launched on February 4th has more than 175,000,000 uDOOs staked and is generating a stable 18% APR. The first farming contract was locked on February 10th and will distribute 1,000,000 uDOO in rewards for farmers. Visit and start earning today!

Deflationary token model. Recently, uDOO transitioned to a deflationary token model. From now on, there are clear operational flows that will contribute to the gradual decrease of the uDOO token supply. These come from fees collected from user involvement in DeFi features, every HYPE-Fiat conversion made on the Hyprr platform, and the creation, donation and selling of non-fungible tokens. All funds generated through fees will be used to burn uDOO tokens every quarter.

Updated token supply. The team has updated the uDOO token supply composition to increase transparency. The current token supply notes the tokens owned by holders, tokens controlled by Howdoo, coins locked in OTC stakes and 45.17 million uDOOs that have been burned.

This and more essential Howdoo related information is inside the document below. Take some time to read it from start to finish. 

Download the updated Howdoo pitch deck here

Hyprr + Huawei = <3 

The team is not only making a lot of internal changes happen, it is also expanding the Howdoo/Hyprr ecosystem through the forging of meaningful partnerships. Our partnership with Huawei comes at the most opportune time for us. Just as the Hyprr platform is coming out with updates and UI fixes on a near daily basis. 

We believe that having a globally recognized brand like Huawei will increase Hyprr’s global reach and help us approach critical mass that much faster.

Starting from March 1st, Hyprr will be listed in the ‘featured’ category for 3 full months in the Huawei AppGallery. The AppGallery has 600 million users with 350 million daily active users and we’re super excited to bring the Hyprr platform to their attention. 

It’s another exciting development for Hyprr, as part of our fairer, clearer approach to social media that puts users in charge. Hyprr allows creators to host almost every type of content in one place, and allows users to control what they see and how they’re advertised to.

Skrill becomes the official payment processor  

Good news does not travel alone. Last week we announced the news that our new finance partner Skrill is going to be handling all on-ramp and off-ramp transactions for the platform with more uses being announced in the near future. 

Skrill has an application with 40 million users across 200 countries and the ability to process over 40 currencies. From now on, you can fully transact inside Hyprr by tipping, paying for content, setting up your payment channel, and starting receiving HYPE tokens for your content.

Make sure to save and safely store your seed phrase. And remember, it’s your keys, your wallet and your funds. No one else will ever have access to your HYPE.

Crypto marketing lead recruited to further promote Howdoo and Hyprr 

We like the tone we set for 2021 has started very positively but we are not satisfied and want to use this as a launch pad  To help us, we have contracted Fabian van Doesburg. He is a true crypto space veteran and was instrumental in structuring Kucoin’s ICO marketing plan. Following that he performed bulk marketing projects for Binance, Huobi, OKex and other major crypto institutions. His track record is impeccable and he already has formulated ideas for Howdoo and Hyprr. We will soon see these ideas come alive. 

Christof Waton, Howdoo CBDO commented: “Successful marketing requires a multi-directional approach. One of the marketing techniques Fabian will help us adopt is reaching out to many different audiences simultaneously. Now it is time to spread word about Howdoo and Hyprr in bulk. I can think of no one with better credentials to help us than Fabian. Welcome to the team!”

That’s all for now. More information regarding partnerships will be provided as we progress.. Stay tuned for Hyprr news and make sure to follow Howdoo on the Hyprr social platform


Check out the updated Howdoo pitch deck and tell us what you think. Also, thanks for everyone who helped us notice all of the errors which were left in the initial version – that’s what a loyal community is supposed to be like and we truly appreciate it. 

Should you have any questions, we are more than happy to talk in the Howdoo community channel on Telegram.

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