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WCO teams up with Howdoo

In a Crypto first, will pay athletes in µDoos

7th October 2019

In a world first for a professional sporting body, the World Calisthenics Organisation (WCO) will pay its athletes in a cryptocurrency, as part of its new partnership with emerging social media platform Howdoo.

The WCO was founded in 2012 to bring calisthenics, bodyweight fitness and street workouts to the forefront of the mainstream fitness industry. Starting out from a few friends competing casually on Venice Beach in California, it’s grown to become an international organisation that runs training and workshops along with competitive events. These contests, including the head-to-head ‘Battle of the Bars’ held at conventions worldwide, attract some of the fittest athletes in the world, are watched by fans of all ages, and pay out thousands of dollars in prize money.

To expand its reach and enable its athletes to boost their earnings both online and in competition, the WCO has teamed up with Howdoo, which is set to revolutionise social media with its fairer, transparent approach to data, advertising and content creator rewards.

Alongside the WCO organisation itself, 11 of its star athletes have also signed up to Howdoo. Collectively, they represent a total social media reach of more than 4.5 million followers, with the biggest stars like Demi Bagby, Scott Mathison and Michael Vazquez routinely getting hundreds of thousands of viewers for their videos.

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#SendItSunday goes to flippin across the Games field here is Wisconsin 💪🏼 Such an awesome weekend so far, excited to see who takes home the title as well as finally make my way back to the west coast tomorrow 💙 Hope your week was great, sendin you nothin but good vibes 😋🤗 @c4onthego #c4onthego

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When Howdoo launches fully (expected early in the first quarter of 2020) WCO and its star athletes will be able to live stream, post images and videos, run eShop functions, connect with their followers and much more, all from a single platform. And they’ll all get a fairer share of the money their content earns, too: 95% from subscriptions and paywalled content, 100% of tips and 60% of all the ad revenue generated by their channels.

What’s more, as a sign of their confidence in Howdoo’s ability to transform how they promote themselves and connect with fans, WCO intends to pay prize money at their future competitions in µDoos, the Howdoo native cryptocurrency used for every type of transaction on the platform.

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Get well soon @kevinhart4real 💙 Can’t wait to train and laugh our assess off with @justtrain soon! Praying for a speedy recovery to you and your friends 💪🏼 #GoodVibes #ShortiesForLife

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Brendan Cosso, the CEO of WCO, is excited about the potential of Howdoo, far beyond its abilities as a social media platform – he can also its potential to help WCO athletes become successful businesspeople in their own right.

“This is the opportunity for our athletes to grow their followings from the tens of thousands into the millions, which is really hard to do on other platforms,” Cosso said. “But our ultimate goal is to give our athletes a living based on the sport, and this is a business opportunity for them, not just in social media, but also to learn about cryptocurrency, decentralisation and the blockchain, which are going to be the future.

“Howdoo is the way we can mentor and teach out athletes about business and how to create their own personal business within Howdoo, from creating paywall content, subscriptions, advertising, great content and more. This is a platform that can really change the game for a lot of people.”

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Because everything looks cooler upside down 🙃 Happy Labor Day everyone!! @tc1gel 🔥

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WCO’s commitment is another milestone in Howdoo’s growth. It will bring Howdoo to the attention to a huge number of potential new users, who can then go on to explore the wider benefits of a fairer social media platform where they’re in control.

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Who had the hardest job? 💪🏻🤷🏼‍♂️🧐 Another squad workout with the homies @rynosaurusflex and @kevindlo . Tag 2 homies and try this #TripleWorkoutChallenge !

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Jason Sibley, Howdoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, explains: “We’re delighted to have WCO and their athletes on board. They love to push themselves further and earn their success, both physically and in their marketing and wider business, so they’re exactly the kind of people Howdoo is made for.

“From our perspective, they’re going to be hugely powerful in reaching out to new users, who will see the benefit of Howdoo in keeping track of everything their favourite influencers do on a single platform. With Howdoo fully launching early next year, we’re excited to work with our WCO supporters to maximize our collective potential, increase the value of the µDoo and reach new people all over the world.”

The beta version of the Howdoo app is now available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Huawei AppGallery, with full launch expected early in 2020. If you’d like to learn more about why Howdoo is set to revolutionise social media, download the Orange Paper