Howdoo’s 4-week Development and Marketing Sprint is Bringing Results

The last four weeks have been very productive for the Howdoo team.

Chris Waton
24th February 2021

In the last  4 weeks, we have introduced passive earning on Howdoo through the launch of the Staking and Farming programs, switched from an inflationary to a deflationary token model for the uDOO token, boosted marketing efforts and released the new Pitch Deck. We have also improved incentives for uDOO trading on KuCoin through the launch of the Howdoo Trading Series.

On the Hyprr side, the team entered into a partnership with major global payment processor Skrill and reaffirmed its partnership with Huawei. The development team also has been progressively adding features as we prepare for the forthcoming full launch of the Hyprr platform. Hyprr is now available on both Android and iOS. Android and desktop users can now purchase the in-platform HYPE tokens via the integration with Skrill while all users can pay for content, send HYPE tokens to other users and tip content creators. The latter will soon be able to monetize their work and convert HYPE into fiat.

This injection of pace into the platform development and marketing is starting to bring exciting tangible results, which we would like to share with our community.

The Token Price Growth

The work of the Howdoo marketing team in the last four weeks has seen the price of the uDOO rise from 0.033 USD to highs of 0.091 USD with consolidation at around 0.052 USD.

The launch of the Kucoin Trading Series has helped increase awareness and trading volume.

The Rise in Trading Volumes

uDOO trading volumes have also dramatically picked up speed. The 24-hour volume on the latter has rocketed since 4 weeks ago from $465,000 to $1,350,000 at the time of writing. It reached a peak of over $2 million, and the peak on uniswap was $1.4 million, generating around $4,200 in fees, split between our liquidity providers.

Howdoo Community Growth

And it has not just been about the uDOO. According to at least two metrics, the Howdoo community has also grown. Over the last two weeks, the number of uDOO token holders (available here) has increased from 5510 to 5807. Howdoo’s official Twitter account has gained 1750 new followers in the last 30 days, while the Telegram community group has grown by more than 50%. 

On this note, we are pleased to announce that Ben ‘BitBoy’ Armstrong will be joining Howdoo / Hyprr on a long-term basis as an advisor.

Ben is an experienced and highly respected Youtuber, Podcaster and owner of Better known as ‘BitBoy Crypto’, his support has not gone unnoticed, and as a content creator, his feedback will be invaluable in helping the team further developing the Hyprr platform and the Howdoo blockchain ecosystem.

Ben’s statistics speak for themselves:
Youtube 539,000 subscribers

Twitter 131,800 followers

Instagram 67,100 followers

TikTok  2,600,000 followers

Telegram 20,800+ group members

Ben is eager to join the Howdoo team as he believes that the time for a decentralized social media platform is near.

In his words: Censorship is rampant in the world today and something has to be done about it. Howdoo is one of the leading blockchains trying to tackle the arena of decentralized social media with the Hyprr Dapp. Based upon their goals and direction, I’m glad to join Howdoo as an advisor to help lead this movement toward decentralization.”

The team is thrilled to welcome Ben onboard. We are looking forward to working together with him and his team to promote both Howdoo (uDOO) and Hyprr to the wider Crypto audience.

We believe that there are strong reasons for our community to be optimistic about the uDOO token’s prospects and we encourage you to stay tuned for more news, releases and updates.

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