HowdooSwap: Facilitating the Ecosystem of Social dApps

With HowdooSwap, users will finally have the ability to trade DeFi protocols with peace of mind and in a safe environment.

Chris Waton
4th March 2021

Like Uniswap, the HowdooSwap decentralized exchange will only list and provide infrastructure to cryptocurrencies that are able to meet the rigorous criteria for becoming a part of the Howdoo Ecosystem. The requirements to be listed on HowdooSwap include but are not limited to: in advance token lock, pre-locking liquidity, passing protocol as well as Smart Contract audits.

DeFi offers enormous opportunities

With HowdooSwap, users will finally have the ability to trade DeFi protocols with peace of mind and in a safe environment. Overall, the HowdooSwap exchange signifies a colossal step forward in DeFi as it will eliminate one of the biggest pitfalls currently plaguing the industry – ETH gas prices. Since most of the DeFi protocols now run on the Ethereum blockchain, every DeFi-related operation requires a gas transaction that is currently at an unprecedented price level. Therefore we are building out the Howdoo Ecosystem that will allow us to re-deploy Howdoo DeFi smartcontracts on the Howdoo Blockchain.

HowdooSwap will run on the Howdoo Blockchain, therefore all transactions will be considerably fast and free. Governance token holders will be able to vote for gas consumption 12 months after the whole Howdoo Ecosystem is operational. 

DEX market & volume analysis

Just a few days ago, reported that UniSwap hit $100 billion in cumulative trading volume since its inception. Its native UNI token sits at the CoinMarketCap’s top 20 list with a market cap. of 7.5 billion dollars.

The chart depicts the monthly trading volume of decentralized exchanges for the last nine months. One would say the volume is more likely to stay growing, but even if the rates remain the same and HowdooSwap manages to secure even a fraction of the market share, let’s say 1% – it would mean $670 million of trading volume per month. 

Technology provision

Howdoo ECO will provide required technological modules and solutions to ensure that every project is safe and secure on the HowdooSwap platform. Provided services will consist of time-release smart contracts, advisory services, Smart Contract audits, and marketing activities to cross-promote tokens.

HowdooSwap advertising revenue

There will be 3 banner placements on the HowdooSwap generating ad revenue for the exchange. A pop-up box and two horizontal banners (top and bottom). The pop-up box will be valued at $1,000 per day. The top and bottom banners will be valued at $100 per hour. Following the logic, banners can generate up to $5,800 per day in ad revenue or around $174,000 monthly.

The ad revenue will be used as follows:

  • 50% for development / maintenance fund.
  • 25% to buyback and burn uDOO tokens.
  • 10% to node holders, paid out in uDOO every quarter.
  • 15% to Governance token holders, paid in USDT monthly

Howdoo nodes will gain additional benefits from HowdooSwap

First of all, some good news for the people on the node waiting list. On April 1st, we are locking in 50 new SuperNode, and 150 Seed Node slots from the node’s queue. Everyone who’s been diligently waiting in the queue will have their chance to become a node holder.

The newly introduced Howdoo ecosystem elements will generate additional rewards for the Howdoo nodes. As mentioned above, node holders will receive 30% of the Howdoo ecosystem’s share of the trading fees on HowdooSwap. Moreover, nodes will also share 10% of the ad revenue collected by the HowdooSwap platform, paid out quarterly.  

Soon to be introduced, Howdoo LaunchPad and Howdoo Governance Token will create even more node incentives making the Howdoo Node program one of the most generous mechanisms in the industry. We will publish more information on the Howdoo LaunchPad in the upcoming days.

Both HowdooSwap and the Howdoo LaunchPad will initiate multiple incentives for both node holders and Governance token owners. The company has decided to allocate 50% of the Governance total token supply to the node holders, meaning the nodes’ incentives will multiply. Reserve your node position by registering yourself in the queue on by depositing the required amount of uDOO tokens in the Smart Contract.


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