Hyprr Live on iOS, Birb Nest Joins as a Partner and Huawei Promotion to Launch in April

This new week begins with a couple more major updates.

Chris Waton
23rd February 2021

If you thought that the previous four weeks have been full of exciting developments for the Howdoo Blockchain ecosystem and the uDOO token, then be prepared for even more. This new week begins with a couple more major updates. 

Hyprr Live on iOS

We are delighted to welcome the addition of Howdoo’s flagship dApp, Hyprr, the content and entertainment platform. Download the Hyprr dApp from the Apple Store. We are delighted that the Hyprr iOS app has quickly passed Apple’s rigorous verification process, which reflects well on the quality of the Hyprr tech team’s work.

Please note that, at present, all the versions of the Hyprr app are available in the beta mode only, and that new features are constantly being added en route to the full-scale launch.

The next step with regard to the iOS app will be to integrate it with the Hyprr wallet that is already available on the web and the Hyprr Android Beta version. At this stage, the wallet allows users on those platforms to purchase the in-platform stable-value HYPE currency and use it to pay for content and tip creators. With the upcoming activation of the Hyprr wallet on the iOS app, iPhone users will be able to start participating in the new content creation, curation and consumption economy that Hyprr’s decentralized vision brings to life.

With Bitboy already added as an advisor, we are also excited to announce that The Birb Nest will be joining Howdoo on a long-term basis as a partner.

Adrian is an experienced Youtuber, Podcaster and owner of thebirbnest.com. Better known as ‘Crypto Birb’, his analysis and commentary has not gone unnoticed. As a content creator, his feedback and market coverage will help Hyprr further establish itself as the home of crypto content.

The Birb Nest’s statistics speak for themselves:

Youtube 3,600 subscribers

Twitter 390,000 followers

Instagram 5,500 followers

Discord  12,500 community members

Newsletter 11,000+ group members

Website 62,000 users

Adrian is eager to join the Howdoo team as he believes that the time for a decentralized social media platform is near.

In his words:
We’re honored to welcome Howdoo to the official board of our partners. New social media platform relying on blockchain to share, stream, tip crypto to the creators and more. We’ll report the progress over development as they proceed.”

With more and more creators joining the platform, we are looking forward to seeing Adrian’s content and his followers joining Hyprr. We are eagerly waiting for him to cover decentralized social networks in one of his videos.

Huawei Promotion Campaign to Start in April 

As we announced previously, Hyprr’s partnership with Huawei was due to come into force on March 1. As part of the partnership, Hyprr will be a featured application on Huawei AppGallery, which will introduce Hyprr to hundreds of millions of potential users. 

However, after some careful deliberation, the Hyprr team decided to postpone the promotion campaign itself until April in order to extract the most value from it by ensuring that the app is featured with a new, much-improved user interface which the Hyprr tech team are currently working on.

Expect more Howdoo and Hyprr updates soon, and participate in the uDOO Trading Series on Kucoin to have a chance to earn free uDOO.


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