Hyprr Mobile Wallet Live on Android and the Paywall Preview Feature

We would like to update the community about two of the latest developments.

Chris Waton
22nd February 2021

The revolutionary Hyprr social network, currently available in public Beta, is the flagship dApp on the Howdoo Blockchain with the Howdoo team excitedly watching it rapidly progress towards full launch. 

In this article, we would like to update the community about two of the latest developments: the launch of the mobile wallet functionality on Hyprr’s Android Beta app and the upcoming Paywall feature.

Mobile Wallet Live on Hyprr’s Android Beta app

Some of the key competitive advantages of Hyprr, over traditional social networks, are the content monetization possibilities it offers to content creators and the knowledge that the creators and users are in control without worrying about sharing their IP or personal data. With Hyprr, users are able to purchase HYPE tokens with fiat currencies through the integration with Skrill and use their in-app wallet to pay for content, tip content creators and transfer HYPE to other users.

Currently, the On-ramp is functional, allowing people to purchase HYPE tokens via the Skrill payment processing infrastructure. The next step is to enable direct VISA/Mastercard purchases, which will make the process even faster and will not require users to have a Skrill account. 

The final step – implementing the Off-ramp to complete the HYPE – fiat flow ecosystem.

While we fully support desktop creators and consumers, we do expect Hyprr to be mostly accessed via mobile devices. With this in mind, we are happy to report that the Hyprr wallet is now available on the Android Beta version of the Hyprr application. You can give Hyprr a try on your Android smartphone by downloading it here.  

Introducing the Paywall Preview Feature

As far as content monetization on Hyprr is concerned, certain forms of content (for instance, long-form videos or collections of pictures and clips) may be previewed to users before they decide whether they would like to purchase them. This is where the soon-to-be released Paywall functionality comes in. 

This feature will enable content creators to create a short preview to showcase their content. Up to ten files can be uploaded to each post using the upload screen. When the upload is finished, the content creator will then be able to customize the preview page and set the price for the underlying piece of content. 

If you would like to watch a demonstration of how a Paywall post works, we encourage you to watch the latest video update from the Hyprr YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from Howdoo and Hyprr. In particular, we are confident that the iOS TestFlight version of the Hyprr mobile app, recently submitted to Apple Store for review, will launch very soon. We are also currently moving away from the feed model of presenting content on Hyprr, so do expect some interesting UX changes in the coming weeks. 

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