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Become an influencer

Your content. Your business. Your way.

Howdoo is the answer to all the problems faced by content creators and influencers like you on existing social media.

No more dealing with a zillion different platforms to post different types of content. No more losing big chunks of your income to someone else. No more having your business model dictated by platforms and advertisers.

On Howdoo, you can stream, message, post, blog and share images and videos on a feature-rich platform where you’re in total control. Whether you want to set up subscriptions, put paywalls on individual pieces of content, or focus on income from likes and shares, you can monetize in whatever way suits you.

Keep the lion’s share of your hard earned.

Whatever the type of content you produce, you get to keep up to 96% of the rewards it generates, and 100% of all the tips you receive. You’re the creative genius, after all.

Get paid instantly.

Payments from users in Howdoo’s cryptocurrency, the µDoo, go into your own µDoo wallet instantly, from where you can easily cash out into your local currency.

Start earning straight away.

You don’t need to reach a certain level to monetise your content. Through both passive and active income, you can start earning from day one.

Run your entire business empire from one place.

Content, brand, community, merchandising, promotions, purchasing, subscriptions – everything you do can be connected, controlled and managed on Howdoo.