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App and Marketing Update

The B2B Marketing Expo has been moved to later in the year. But we have a cunning plan.

27th March 2020

Hi all.

We hope you are all staying safe and following your country guidelines.

Amongst everything that’s going on, we’re happy to report that Howdoo is moving forward, and have had minimal disruption on the development of the platform.

So here is a quick update for everyone covering a few areas.

Launch Roll Out.

We’re just coming to the close of Phase one, and are pleased to report a successful internal testing and we’re moving to Phase two over the next few weeks.

We will be asking some of these to share their experiences, and we expect to work through that process relatively swiftly now the internal testing is done.

As a reminder of our roll out process, please refer to this update —>

Howdoo Marketing Update.

Alongside the preparation for the full public launch, we also have an advertiser marketing plan. A large part of that is event marketing.

Unfortunately Europes largest Marketing Event, the B2B Marketing Expo planned for London this week, where we sponsored, presented and run 2 days of workshops last year has been postponed till (provisionally) September. This is a real shame, as we had upped our sponsorship this year to include a Howdoo insert in the swag bag for all attendees (targeting 25k people). But, they have taken the space and given it over to the NHS for emergency beds –>

The main focus of this event was to present Howdoo to advertisers, and to attract end users marketeers and influencers.

So we have a cunning plan – response to this, we are taking the lead and the opportunity to put together with some of the other event sponsors an online version of the event. So planned to run in early June, we’re aiming to get an audience of 20,000 marketing professionals to join us for a 2 day virtual event, with learning tracks and fireside chats. We’re in discussion with large software companies and influencers to take part in our event. Those that sign up, and download Howdoo and purchase some tokens (amount to be decided) will also get an entry in the delayed Lambo competition.

It’s an exciting opportunity, especially when you consider many have already prepared their content for the Expo, and we can now give them platform to present.

IBM (one of our blockchain partners) has even offered us their Aspera platform to run the event for free!

We’ll update you as this event gets finalised and confirm partners and presenters, and of course, if any of you are in a marketing role, we look forward to receiving you as an attendee.

Extending the swap window.

Finally, as communicated in telegram Due to the unprecedented situation we are all facing, we will be extending the SWAP window by 14 days, closing on 6th April 2020. Please refer to our earlier post:

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