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Huawei Joins Our News Announcement.

Broadcasting live from London Stock Exchange Studios with the announcement of a ground-breaking innovation that will disrupt both social media and the cryptocurrency market.

18th October 2019

Howdoo major announcement

Live stream: Thursday October 24 2019, 1800hrs UTC 1900hrs BST

Full rerun: Friday October 25 2019, 0900hrs UTC 1000hrs BST


Howdoo will be broadcasting live from London Stock Exchange Studios on October 24 with the announcement of a ground-breaking innovation that will disrupt both social media and the cryptocurrency market.

Howdoo’s revolutionary development will simultaneously solve two of the biggest problems facing social media platforms and the crypto market as a whole, and we are very excited to bring this news to you.

So, on Thursday October 24th, Howdoo founder and CEO David Brierley, and CMO Jason Sibley, will go into detail on the new development, and cover what the news means for users, content creators, advertisers, and for fellow emerging crypto projects, too, as well as other key Howdoo updates.

The Howdoo team will also be joined by the V-ID LTO Network and Fantom Foundation other partners, and more on this will be revealed closer to the event.

Brierley said: “We’re really excited about all the various innovations and key features we’re developing for the Howdoo platform, but this one really will be a game-changer. We want everyone on Howdoo to be rewarded fairly, and we also believe in a future of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. What we’re announcing on October 24 will be a key part in delivering both.”

If you aren’t able to catch the live stream, the announcement will be rerun in full the following day and will subsequently be available for on-demand viewing.

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About Howdoo

Howdoo is a revolutionary social media and content delivery platform, built to put users and content creators in control. It includes all the key social media elements, including streams, posts, blogs, messaging, image sharing and video sharing. Giving users the choice of accepting advertising and sharing their personal data, it rewards their engagement while delivering a fairer, more transparent monetisation model to content creators, all through its native utility token, the µDoo.

Howdoo is currently in beta testing with 6,000 users, and full launch planned for early Q1 2020, and over 100,000 people have already signed up in advance. Through launch partners and influencers bringing content and communities into Howdoo, from Huawei, IBM and HP to gamers, musicians, fitness influencers and more, the Howdoo user base will quickly expand into the millions.

To learn more about Howdoo in the run-up to the announcement, download our Orange Paper. To trade uDoos, visit CointigerExMarkets, MXC and IDEX.