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Howdoo Content and Nodes Update

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo
17th Dec 2019

17th December 2019

Welcome to our weekly update, with Nodes, Languages and Content for live.

Node Applications Update

We’re pleased to report that all those that applied for SeedNodes and SuperNodes that have the qualifying number of tokens in their wallet/s (as in the case with many SuperNode applications tokens are spread across a number of wallets) have been successful and we will move forward to the next stage.

This is different for each category, so we will be sending out an email update this week. For SuperNodes, for example, we have the final spec to confirm with IBM and then we’ll move to the vetting process.

Unfortunately we may not be able to guarantee the number of nodes that you have applied for as the total application exceeds the volume. We want to be as decentralised as possible and we want to be fair, so our priority will be getting the widest representation across the community. We will confirm node numbers at the next stage.

Seed Nodes

  • Phase 3 SeedNodes available: 80 (we may increase this number to accommodate everyone and reduce the pool nodes total – we’re working on this now, and it’s why we’ve not launched the pool node applications yet)
  • Maximum per wallet: 3
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 125,000 per node
  • Annual return: 15% to end of 2020, 12% thereafter (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Seed node holders only require a standard home PC specification – major hardware is not needed. Although seed node functionality is not required until the Howdoo public blockchain is released, we’re asking applicants to stake their uDoos now, with node payments commencing immediately. Once the blockchain is launched, your node must be connected for a minimum of 120 minutes every 24 hours.

Update: As communicated previously we have received applications from 122 individuals for SeedNodes, and many requesting more than one node. We can see that a number of people have applied for both SuperNodes and SeedNodes. We will reach out to these individuals first, as when we confirm SuperNode application, we believe it will ‘free’ up SeedNodes. This process has taken longer than expected as a number of applicants have tokens across multiple wallets. We will make sure that all those that applied for a SeedNode in phase 3 (with the qualifying tokens) will get at least one node. So in the meantime please sit tight while we square the SuperNodes, and wait for us to reach out to confirm. If you’ve asked for more, we will try and accommodate.


  • SuperNodes available: 100
  • Maximum per person: On application
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 1,250,000 per node
  • Annual return: 30% (paid quarterly in uDoos)

As detailed above we are working on the ‘Howdoo Appliance’ for running a SuperNode and will have this confirmed in the coming weeks with IBM. You will have the option of self-hosting (based on our required specification) or working with one of our node hosting partners. We will not expect anyone to confirm acceptance of a SuperNode without being able to review the hosting / hardware costs.

Update: We have received applications from 80 individuals for SuperNodes, so everyone that applied with the qualifying tokens will get a SuperNode, however a number of people have requested more than one, and we cannot guarantee the number we can offer each individual. We aim to be very decentralised, so want a wide spread of people running our Blockchain. We are reviewing this tomorrow (18th Dec) so expect an email with the next steps this week.

Howdoo going Multilingual

We’re pleased to announce that following the Chinese site translation, we’re now translating to Russian, Spanish and have just signed a French partner to translate all our content and assist with local PR in France.

Although we have a great press release ready, we are holding back as the first step is to complete the site translation, and then start the PR with local press. This will be geared towards the general press as we prepare for launch with some crypto marketing.

Exclusive Content for Howdoo

Last week we confirmed our tie in with a new emerging talent show, fronted by Sinitta called Brit Brat Pop. Technically it’s not a ‘talent competition’ show, but a show that focuses on real people that most traditional A&R might not go for.

The show follows Sinitta and the talent as they all get to know each other and work towards their goal of infiltrating the music industry. With a number of episodes already recorded, it will continue the story through 2020.

Here is a show preview and you can learn more and meet some of the artists on this page  –>

There is even a special preview episode where Simon plays The Grinch (please watch the video for context).

We are really excited for Howdoo to be showcasing this content, and it doesn’t stop there. Here is some new updates.

  • The Influencer Marketing Group are bringing their network of 20+ global tech influencers to Howdoo, with weekly videos, blogs and insights.
  • We are in active conversation with a large media house who has a current catalogue of over 700 movies spanning 75 years of cinema about bringing their content to Howdoo.
  • India Reynolds is planning a ‘Plant based’ lifestyle channel with vegan cooking and ‘living well’ type content, which is right on trend with the success of the recent Netflix Gamechangers documentary.
  • And, linked to above, I’m hoping that the WCO will bring us some amazing content following their global stars.
  • And, we are in discussion with a number UK football clubs about how we can support their vision of fan engagement and club level story telling, as well as behind the scenes with some selected players.
  • Of course we’ve already announced the That Crypto Breakfast Show with That Martini Guy, and a Skillslab B2B sales and marketing learning channel – so you can look forward to those on launch.

If you have an idea for a channel, we have budget to help support the next big internet stars. Howdoo offers creators the best place to build an audience and monetise content in a fair and rewarding way. We’ll be launching a ‘rising star’ talent recruitment programme in January, so look out for the application process.

Commencing Node Payments

Node payments have started but we implement a new automated process this month, so we might have missed some wallets. So please join our community telegram channel and ask if you feel yours have been missed. We’re there to help you log your issue and this will be resolved by the next payment.

Winning a Lambo and more

We are running an amazing promotion where you can win a Lamborghini Huracan Evo plus $20,000 of upgrades worth $250,000. With Runner-up prizes of 50 Huawei P30 Pro smartphones.

All you need to do is purchase and hold 500 uDoo’s to qualify for a ticket.


In the app you can see how many tickets you hold (HERE) and I understand that some of the community feel they are low on tickets or some are missing. We’re just working on a support ticket process (as telegram messages get lost) where you can flag your missing tickets, and I would like to assure people the beauty of the blockchain is that we can easily see whats missing. So we will sort out and confirm everyones final ticket count before the draw.

Video Update (including live) 

I’m also working on a video to wrap up what’s happening now, over the next 2 months and expectations for live and post live. This will be available tomorrow! Posted on the website, our social channels and in telegram. I’m completing recording in the morning – so if you want to squeeze in some last minute questions for me to answer – please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll try and answer everyones questions.


So, just setting expectations here. I’ll do a video update (mentioned above) and this will be the last formal update till the new year. Dev are working hard (as we have a deadline to be live before Little Mix’s show!) over the Christmas break but marketing are taking some time out. I’ll personally be checking into telegram, but we won’t be putting out any updates for the next two weeks.

Also here is a news / content roundup where we’ve been Turning heads: Howdoo in the media.

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