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Howdoo App Development Update

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo
20th Jan 2020

20th January 2020

Welcome to our weekly update, with a development & marketing update, and some insights on our preparation for live.

App Development Update – Getting Ready for Live!

Howdoo is currently due to go live on Friday 14th Feb. Over the next few weeks in preparation for launch, we will periodically update the community on the key features and rollout schedule; however, for this updated we wanted to give a more general development update, answer some of the community feature questions/requests and share some updated screens with you.

  • Over the holiday period one of the largest development projects we undertook was to re code certain aspects of the back end in order to address some of the feedback we received from our beta testers. Whilst this does not impact the immediate look and feel of the application, it will futureproof our development moving forward.
  • Stories and AR – the team have listened, and we’ve prioritised these features in the Howdoo’s roadmap.
  • Pictures – we’ve added the ability to share up to 5 photos per post.
  • We’ve removed the dedicated live streaming section. Based on the Beta feedback, we’ve embedded live video into personal account streams and channels to make use more clear and easier to access.
  • Video conversion from personal streams to channels. One of the newest and most requested features from Creators, was the ability to have a short video playing on your personal feed, which can link dynamically to a paid video within a channel.
  • Podcasts are being implemented and of course this will include persistent play.
  • One of the most exciting updates is the ability to implement an NFT into the Howdoo platform. Again, based on request, the team have been working hard to implement the ability to handle non-fungible tokens within Howdoo. NFT trading volumes are gaining significance and they’re not just about cute collectibles anymore. Howdoo will be announcing a strategic partnership agreement this week (planned) that will lay the groundwork for users and creators offering NFT’s on the platform.
  • Desktop Interface changes. This is an area where we’ve made significant changes, so we wanted to share some screen of the new Desktop interface.

Node Applications Update – Pool Nodes on hold.

As previously updated, we’re pleased to report that ALL those that applied for SeedNodes that have the qualifying number of tokens in their wallet/s are confirmed, along with the phase one registration for SuperNodes. It is now our intent to work with IBM in order to finalise the process and SLAs for awarding SuperNodes. Once this exercise has been finalised, we will provide an update.

Due to the high demand for Seed nodes, we have made the decision to put the Pool Nodes applications on hold. It is our intention to release Pool nodes as described, but our priority is our larger holders first. It had been our intention to launch 80 Seed nodes on phase three, but we will increase this number (from the Pool Node total) to accommodate the applications for Seed nodes. This will not increase the total number of Nodes or Tokens staked in Nodes, just the distribution across the node types.

A quick reminder on the differences:

Seed Nodes

  • Phase 3 SeedNodes available: THIS IS BEING UPDATED
  • Maximum per wallet: 3
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 125,000 per node
  • Annual return: 15% to end of 2020, 12% thereafter (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Seed node holders only require a standard home PC specification – major hardware is not needed. Although seed node functionality is not required until the Howdoo public blockchain is released, we’re asking applicants to stake their uDoos now, with node payments commencing immediately. Once the blockchain is launched, your node must be connected for a minimum of 120 minutes every 24 hours.

Super Nodes

  • SuperNodes available: 100 (THIS WILL NOT INCREASE)
  • Maximum per person: On application
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 1,250,000 per node
  • Annual return: 30% (paid quarterly in uDoos)

As detailed above we are working on the ‘Howdoo Appliance’ for running a SuperNode and will have this confirmed in the coming weeks with IBM. You will have the option of self-hosting (based on our required specification) or working with one of our node hosting partners. We will not expect anyone to confirm acceptance of a SuperNode without being able to review the hosting / hardware costs.

Jason Sibley Role Change – CMO to CRO

In preparation for fully live, Jason, who has been the Howdoo Chief Marketing Officer for the past 10 months, is taking on the expanded role of Chief Revenue Officer. Jason will still oversea and be responsible for Howdoos Marketing, but is also taking on the challenge of Sales (advertising) and Partnerships. We look forward to announcing a new Head of Marketing and Head of Sales in due course.

A lot of Jason’s time at the moment is preparing for launch, and this includes onboarding advertisers, and working closely with the Partnership team, so it’s a natural extension of his position.

In a future weekly update, Jason will share his plans for launch marketing, influencer recruitment and advertiser sales.

Win a Lambo Competition

As a part of our planned end user promotion for launch we are planning the promotion and awareness of Howdoo, and last week one of the community members suggested in Telegram that we extend the Lambo competition (Our win a Lambo competition, includes a Lamborghini Huracan Evo plus $20,000 of upgrades worth $250,000, with Runner-up prizes of 50 Huawei P30 Pro smartphones, and anyone with over 500 UDOOs could enter) ** to include new Howdoo users that purchase the qualifying amount of UDOO’s when they register on launch. We are reviewing this suggestion as a team, so have put the draw on hold while we make a decision.

We like the suggestion, but want to take time to consider the impact. It’s clear that using such a prize would provide a great promotional incentive for new users. If we decide to extend the competition, we will increase the prize pool and introduce a monthly draw, and all tickets allocated will be carried forward. If we decide not to extend, we will audit tickets so far and move forward with the draw.

We will update the community as soon as we reach a final decision and will confirm with details.

Weekly AMA

Starting this week we will be implementing a weekly AMA with our CEO and CRO, David and Jason. So please join our community telegram channel for updates. This weeks AMA will be at 12:30 GMT, and hosted in our telegram channel. We will look to implement video stream AMA’s but for this week, travel and connectivity doesn’t make it possible.

We do encourage people to pre-submit questions for the AMA – and you can do so in this FORM LINK.


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