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Launch Date Confirmed!

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo - 2nd Dec 2019

2nd December 2019

We are super busy as we prepare for full live, and to keep you informed we’re going to be releasing a weekly status update – every Monday.

Howdoo Announces Launch Date:

We’re very pleased to confirm that we will launch on the 14th February, to our first phase audience to start testing the new rebuilt app. Follow the link to sign up to be the first to get a notification of this. For those that registered in the beta, all your usernames are saved, and if you are one of the original ‘founder’ members – you’ll keep your badge on full live.

Beta closed. Huge thanks:

With the confirmation of full live, we have our heads down in all departments focussing on making it a success. So with this aim, and to allow us to focus, we’ve taken the beta site and app down. So huge thank you for all those that gave valuable feedback during the beta, we look forward to getting you onto the new version of Howdoo in the near future.


We’re coming on the road! Hosted by Jordan from That Martini Guy, and starting in December, we’ll be launching a series of meetups that will cover a general crypto update, trading tips, Howdoo update, insights and behind the scenes and updates from our partners. Starting in London, with an LA date confirmed, we’re looking to fill in the cities in between.

If you’d like to vote for us to come to a city near you, you can join in on the tweet out below.

And join our community telegram channel for more updates and to get involved or sign up to our mailing list and Click Here.

Node Updates:

We’re pleased to announce that all Seed Node and Super Node Applications are now full and we’re closing accepting new applications for the time being. We will be performing a wallet snapshot this Friday (6th Dec) and will follow up with all the applicants that have the qualifying number of tokens during the course of next week (W/C 9th Dec). Once this process is complete, if we have any spaces – we’ll notify everyone.

We will open up a Seed Node waitlist, as when we roll out the Super Nodes in January we expect a number of Seed Nodes to be released.

Also on Monday 16th December we will open up applications for our Pool Nodes, which only require a minimum of 500 uDoos.

Commencing Node Payments:

We will be commencing Node payments on 12th December which will bring payments up to date as per the end November. We’ve put an automated process in place to speed this up and remove any manual error. Thank you all for you patience as we’ve put this in place. Jason will be setting up a form for you to claim any Lambo tickets with a manual correction (based on node payment uDoos) – this will be available early next week. Following this payment it will then be quarterly

IBM Partnership Update:

We’re moving forward with IBM, and have a whole day planning session on 6th December to agree the plans for the Super Node roll out. You can read more about the partnership HERE.

Also here is a news / content roundup where we’ve been Turning heads: Howdoo in the media.

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