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Howdoo Advertising and Advertiser Update

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo
6th Feb 2020

7th February 2020

Welcome to our weekly update, with an advertiser and marketing update, and some other insights on what we’re working on.

Advertiser and Advertising Update.

We’ve been really busy for the last year qualifying our early stage advertisers. This is critical for us, as this is what will really crank the flywheel.

To help explain what is happening in the world of marketing that’s presenting such a big opportunity for Howdoo, we’ve recorded a video update. In the video I give an overview of the market, what advertisers want, our progress with advertisers and I explain how the Howdoo Ad Engine will work (as we feel there is a little confusion)

Our strategy is to align advertisers in key markets that we have content creators with strong content, so we create a match between users and ad spend. Initially these markets are Gaming, IT, Music and Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fitness and Crypto.

We’ve been really happy from the feedback from the advertisers, the market is really looking for something new. A lot are stepping back from GDN (Google Display) as the conversion is low and in a lot of cases fake. Search is getting increasingly expensive, Twitter removed lead cards, LinkedIn has low engagement and Facebook has an amazing set of tools, but is struggling to capture GenZ users and younger millennials are leaving.

Last week, I (Jason) was in California having follow up meetings with 6 large global advertisers, and one is currently spending over $2m a year on LinkedIn alone, and is achieving a very variable CPA (cost per acquisition), and I’ve been out to Amsterdam this week to meet more.

Howdoo plans to offer a fixed CPA, alongside the usual CPC, CPM and CPE pricing models, so it’s very attractive, and we also intend to offer a lead card for direct data capture from Howdoo itself, removing the need for a landing page. Part of working with early adopter advertisers is refining the model and also implemented direct lead capture into the most common MA platforms (Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and Hubspot).

We’re pleased to update the community that we have now 8 global brands on the beta advertising list, and are working hard to extend this. Our goal is to have 15 by the end of Feb.

Marketing Update.

As discussed at length, we’ve pulled back on the end user promotion of Howdoo until we have the app live and on open access.

The last activity we’ve been running is SEM, but it’s relatively expensive per click, and they have no action to take. At £1.36 per click, there are better ways of spending our money (please see my video above).

For comparison, twitter has been ranging between 24p and 35p per click and reddit 80p. Once we have a clear CTA, we’ll be back up and running now we’ve benchmarked.

So we’re currently gearing up for our launch advertising and user acquisition campaigns, while dev is busy building out the platform, which initially will start to rollout in Feb to a closed group of testers. The key focus in driving end user adoption will be with running co-marketing campaigns with launch creators. This means we will be promoting a creators content in Howdoo, access their existing social platforms. We will be running very targeted media campaigns, designed to acquire users based on an existing affinity with a content creator or influencer. We believe this will give us a biggest bang for our buck. We’ll share more as we get closer to live.

Also, we’ll have an entry / signup competition or inventive that will link to the purchase of UDOO’s on signup.

Win a Lambo Competition.

A discussion opened up early in Jan within the community about extending the timeline in our ‘Win a Lambo competition’ to include launch, meaning we would have a very meaty offer to get all new users excited to buy some tokens to signup.

We’ve taken a lot of advice, discussed with the community, and although this is a complicated decision we have have decided to extend the promotion and ad to it, to give all new users of Howdoo a reason adopt the platform and own uDoos.

We will be adding to the prize pool and performing a weekly prize draw from launch (date TBC) . So there will be a random draw of all tickets, for a prize, and then all tickets will be entered into the next weeks draw. At the end of the promotion, which will run for 12 weeks from launch, the final draw will be for the car and the Huawei phones.

So for existing holders the snapshots have been performed, and we’ll be reaching out to validate those tickets over the next 2 weeks. The delay is that a lot of applicants registered with wallets they didn’t own, so we will need to validate ownership (process will be communicated soon). So all tickets from the three snapshots will be in the draws.

But new users will also be able to gain entry into the draw. For every 500 uDoos they purchase in Howdoo they will get a ticket to enter each weekly draw, plus if they refer 5 friends to set up an account in Howdoo, they will receive a bonus ticket.

We believe this will form a brilliant incentive to buy your first tokens and get the most out of Howdoo, and will give us a great end user campaign to market. We’re in talks with Media partners about joint PR activity as well.

We fully understand that this might delight some of the community, and disappoint others – but we do assure you we are doing what we believe is the best for Howdoo and our future success, so we hope everyone understands.

Community Update.

As we prepare for full launch, maintaining a Howdoo managed telegram community channel has become untenable. Also we will have a managed Howdoo channel in Howdoo for new users. So the time has close our official community channel in telegram, but we will be regularly updating our Telegram Announcements Channel  

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