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Exclusive Launch Content Update

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo
9th Dec 2019

9th December 2019

Welcome to a really exciting weekly update. New exclusive content for Howdoo on launch! and IBM auditing our Blockchain in preparation for launch.

Exclusive New Content for Howdoo on launch:

In follow up to this earlier news story

Where Sinitta talks about working with the team on a range of projects, we’re pleased to announce that the first is well underway.

Attinis Brit Brat Pop is Coming Early 2020: it’s not a ‘talent competition’ show, but a show that focuses on real people that most traditional A&R might not go for. The show follows Sinitta and the talent as they all get to know each other and work towards their goal of infiltrating the music industry. With a number of episodes already recorded, it will continue the story through 2020.

Here is a show preview and you can learn more and meet some of the artists on this page  –>

There is even a special preview episode where Simon plays The Grinch (please watch the video for context).

We are really excited for Howdoo to be showcasing this content. And hopefully this is the first of many. Watch this space!

(BTW – our formula for Howdoo success is simple. Influencers bring Content, Content brings Users, Users bring Advertisers, Advertisers bring Influencers and the flywheel turns. All bringing utility to our token, the UDOO.)

The story has started to be picked up by the press, even if they have it slightly wrong. We expect that they will start to cover the actual story soon.

IBM Partnership update:

We’re moving forward with IBM, and recently had a whole day planning session to agree the route forward for the SuperNode roll out plus other topics. You can read more about the partnership HERE.

IBM are excited to work with Howdoo on a number of levels, and we’re certainly different to the usual blockchain projects they work with.

To give you an overview of the different conversations taking place, here is a short summary:

1) IBM are starting to conduct a full load and penetration testing on our Blockchain, and will provide an official IBM audit for all the layers of our Blockchain. This will include their recommendations on how to improve security, speed etc.

2) IBM are also working on the configuration for our SuperNodes and are creating an official Howdoo ‘appliance’ for running a SuperNode. This will be a physical appliance that can be self hosted or a specification that can be cloud hosted.

3) We are also in discussion about how we can leverage existing IBM Partnerships and IP for acceleration of Howdoo features and roadmap. Three that are of great interest are:

  • IBM recently acquired Red Hat and for those that are not up on the tech space, over the past 20 years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) has become the de facto Linux distribution for servers in the enterprise, capturing more than 60% of the paid distribution market. This includes specific IP developed by them, now owned by IBM, that supports how players like Netflix handle large volume media streaming.
  • An IBM partner, Axispoint developed the first global, deals-based music publishing system for a major publisher, partnering with EMI Music Publishing in 2002 to build a global synchronization licensing system, and then again from 2006 – 2012 to build a suite of custom enterprise music publishing systems to replace legacy systems that had been running for over twenty years. Now they are doing it with the Blockchain and IBM. In December 2018, Axispoint joined the Open Music Initiative, whose mission is to use technology to provide accuracy and transparency to how music rights owners are identified and compensated. Axispoint has been working closely in partnership with IBM and are developing the next generation music rights ownership platform. If you want to learn more on how rights are protected on the blockchain with IBM, you can watch this On Demand Webinar.
  • Plastic Bank are tackling ocean plastic and global poverty with blockchain-based token rewards using IBM technology. Here is a short overview, but IBM believe we can use their LinuxONE platform to help Howdoo scale.
We’re essentially joining the IBM Garage.
It’s very exciting and we’ll follow up on all these discussions in future updates.


Node Rollout Update:

Seed Nodes

  • Phase 3 SeedNodes available: 80
  • Maximum per wallet: 3
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 125,000 per node
  • Annual return: 15% to end of 2020, 12% thereafter (paid quarterly in uDoos)

Seed node holders only require a standard home PC specification – major hardware is not needed. Although seed node functionality is not required until the Howdoo public blockchain is released, we’re asking applicants to stake their uDoos now, with node payments commencing immediately. Once the blockchain is launched, your node must be connected for a minimum of 120 minutes every 24 hours.

Update: We have received applications from 122 individuals for SeedNodes, and many requesting more than one node. On review we can see that a number of people have applied for both SuperNodes and SeedNodes. We will reach out to these individuals first, as when we confirm SuperNode application, we believe it will ‘free’ up SeedNodes. This will happen this week. In parallel we will confirm to those that are successful (the first 80 applications that hold the qualifying amount of tokens) this week too. So if you don’t hear from us, we’re in the process of trying to accommodate everyones applications. If you are unsuccessful we will contact you. So in the meantime, wait for us to reach out.


  • SuperNodes available: 100
  • Maximum per person: On application
  • Minimum uDoo holding required: 1,250,000 per node
  • Annual return: 30% (paid quarterly in uDoos)

As detailed above we are working on the ‘Howdoo Appliance’ for running a SuperNode and will have this confirmed in the coming weeks with IBM. You will have the option of self-hosting (based on our required specification) or working with one of our node hosting partners. We will not expect anyone to confirm acceptance of a SuperNode without being able to review the hosting / hardware costs.

Update: We have received applications from 80 individuals for SuperNodes, so we see no reason why everyone that applied cannot get a SuperNode, however a number of people have requested more than one. So we are reviewing the spread, and will come back soon with a response (this week).


Commencing Node Payments:

We will be commencing Node payments on 12th December which will bring payments up to date as per the end November. We’ve put an automated process in place to speed this up and remove any manual error. Thank you all for you patience as we’ve put this in place. Jason will be setting up a form for you to claim any Lambo tickets with a manual correction (based on node payment uDoos) – this will be available early next week. Following this payment it will then be quarterly

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