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Howdoo Phased Rollout Update

Weekly Roundup on all things Howdoo
14th Feb 2020

14th February 2020

Welcome to our weekly update, with a roll out update.

Our Controlled Rollout.

We are  pleased to confirm that we start our Howdoo controlled rollout today. 14th Feb 2020.

We will be rolling out in phases, and allowing time for feedback and changes. It’s vital that when we launch to the end user public, that we are ready and are sticky.

Our controlled phases are as follows:

Phase One – Howdoo team

This phase sees us bring in the Howdoo team. Up to this point the team have been working from screen designs but not in app usage. So this phase allows the team to log in and access and test, and provide the first feedback to the dev team for any changes or issues before we move to phase two.

Phase Two – Creators

Phase Two is for Functional Experts & Selected Creators to test functionality. Here we are inviting select Instagrammers, Youtuber, Streamers, Podcasters and Blogger’s to test the key creator elements. Feeding back but also setting up there channels with live content.

Phase Three – Limited Users

Phase Three see’s in invite in selected users and our private advocacy group members. We are very proud to have a vibrant group of Howdoo advocates, and they will be the first non-expert group to on-board into Howdoo. They will form part of the vital user experience feedback group.

Phase Four  – Soft launch

Phase Four is our open access end user soft launch. Here we allow open access for family, friends and wider community, but without promoting. This will allow us to stress test the blockchain and important features, such as streaming.

Phase Five  – All systems go

Phase five is our full end user promoted launch. Once stress testing is complete and we’re all happy – we will formally invite our 100k+ pre-signups and start our end user marketing promotion – as discussed in last weeks news update.

We are not putting dates on the phases, as we cannot predict what will happen in the testing, but we will be updating the community on how each phase is going. All user names, founders badges etc are all secured, so if you were in the beta app, no-one can take your ID.

Community Update.

Please join our Telegram Announcements Channel

And we look forward to you joining us in our Howdoo channel soon.

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