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The Howdoo Token Model


By 2020, it is expected that three billion people will be using social media. While existing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube still attract billions of monthly visitors, many of today’s users are demanding more than these one-dimensional platforms can deliver. As a result, there is a growing need, and an opportunity, for a platform based around blockchain and cryptocurrency to revolutionize and disrupt the industry: Howdoo.

We have a smarter model that attracts, rewards and keeps users, influencers and advertisers.

We only have 888,888,888 uDoos and 3.5bn social media users to target so the opportunity is huge. We have over 100 launch supporters with a total collective following of over 250 million fans and we are signing more supporters every week. Our target is to reach 40 million users by the end of 2020.

Our token utility is huge, where everything revolves around the uDoo, covering users, influencers and advertisers, with each component driving the next and adding to the rate of adoption.

Our execution plan has been designed to add a number of significant impact drivers to this flywheel, focusing on delivering against the key requirements of each group and delivering major increases in our rate of adoption and token utility.

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Read about how by purchasing Howdoo’s utility token, the µDoo, you’re perfectly positioned to gain from the scale and accelerated growth you’ll be supporting. Download the Orange Paper today and learn how:

  • The µDoo underpins every element of the Howdoo economy, from tipping to advertising
  • An in-app wallet with inbuilt fiat-to-token gateway takes Howdoo beyond the crypto market towards mass adoption
  • The blockchain ensures Howdoo is a secure, transaction-free and trustless platform
  • Users and content creators alike can enjoy full control over their own data and how it’s shared
  • Content creators can earn more through a compelling and competitive solution

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